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RNG Processing & Offloading Station

RNG offload station

The RNG offloading station in Dane County is the first of its kind in the nation. During initial construction of our RNG processing plant. We saw an opportunity to grow the biogas industry in Wisconsin and to help local digesters access renewable energy markets. Biogas producers typically need to make a physical connection to the interstate pipeline, which can cost millions of dollars for installation, equipment, and connection fees. The RNG offloading station at Dane County’s Rodefeld landfill site allows regional digesters to truck their gas to our plant and use our pipeline interconnect. This gives smaller local operations affordable access to lucrative renewable energy markets, helping them take advantage of federal and state issued renewable fuel credits.


RNG: The Big Impact

Support Farmers

Farmers and smaller local digestion companies benefit from having direct access to connect to
the interstate pipeline. This helps improve Wisconsin’s farming economy

Cleaner Lakes

Easy and affordable access to the interstate pipeline leads to more area digesters, which means less manure runoff in our watershed and fewer harmful algae blooms in our lakes.

Local Renewable Energy

Our facility has opened up new opportunities to enter the renewable energy market. We are helping Dane County lessen our dependence on foreign sources of fuel

Combat Climate Change

By transforming waste and capturing more greenhouse gas than it emits, RNG production is a carbon-neutral process. RNG is considered one of the cleanest transportation fuels available


RNG Offloading Station | Customer Testimonials

EnTech Logo



“EnTech Solutions’ decision to convert a biodigester facility in Middleton, WI, to produce renewable natural gas (RNG) from dairy manure was made easier due to our partnership with Dane County to utilize their RNG pipeline. We have benefited greatly from the County’s guidance around the fuel injection process and appreciate the efforts of the County and Maki Trucking to keep our offload schedule aligned to our operational output. Together with Dane County, we’re able to support our goal of providing a sustainable future for area dairy farmers."

Jim Riske
FTI & EnTech Solutions

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“Not only does this project have economic benefits, but huge environmental benefits as well. This gives local farmers the opportunity to produce RNG, resulting in better manure management, which in the long term helps create cleaner lakes for generations to come.”

Nadeem Afghan, CEO
BIOFerm Energy Systems

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“After making nearly 400 deliveries to this pipeline injection site in the past year, I must say it has been a great success. The staff at Dane County has always been there to help 24/7/365, regardless of the nature of the issue. We have all worked closely to maintain safety and improve efficiencies. I look forward to, and will encourage more use of this facility.”

Joel Maki
Maki Trucking LLC